Deploying TN Assets Runtime vs. Repository

I’m trying to perform a simple deployment of TN assets using a repository. I’ve dumbed it down to a simple document attribute (this attr already exist in the environment I’m deploying to).

If I create a deployer runtime project of just the one attribute it deploys fine. However, when I export the one doc attribute from TN, use ABE to build and projectautomater to create the project I go to the deployer UI, verify I see the one doc attribute in the deployment set, create a simple map and deployment candidate, but when I deploy I always get a generic “Invalid status provided. Provide the proper status.” on the deployer report for this attribute.

I’ve compared SQL Profiler traces and they are in fact different. Some of the same queries are being executed, however, never any exceptions. Any ideas on what I can do to narrow down why the deployment doesn’t work on repository when everything seems to be setup correctly?


Hi Dustin,

Were you able to overcome the above issue?

It’s been a while and we kind have put the CI/CD on hold, but I believe I might have had Component instead of Composite. Using below worked in the project automator file.