Deploying on-premise webMethods package to webMethods cloud

Hi All,

As per wm version 10.3 we can directly deploy packages from on-premises server designer to webMethods cloud. But getting error when trying deploy from designer getting below error. I have taken below steps..

1. From designer preference --> Integration cloud have added webMethods cloud server details and test is successfull .
2. Don't have any UM or configuration file dependency , so I did not configure command central repository.
3. Then trying to deploy packages from designer but getting error as 

"Unable to fetch the cloud solution details from Integration Cloud.Please check Integration cloud configuration details. "

Anyone please help if you have come across any such issue.

Baharul Islam

Anyone having any idea on this please

Hi Baharul Islam,

You need to have the license to use this feature. It is not available for trial tenants as of today.


I echo the same with Ramu and so please check with your IS admins or your near SAG account rep for further clarification obtaining the licensing to enable this feature!


How to Deploying on-premise webMethods package to webMethods cloud in 101

AFAIK, on 10.1 designer you don’t have the option/plugin to deploy the on-premise IS package directly to the cloud, refer “Deploying Assets” page #9 from 10-1_Configuring_On_Premise_Integration_Servers_for_Integration_Cloud.pdf

On 10.3 you can do it via Designer by “Right-click the package and click Deploy to Cloud” but it requires a license or the feature to be enabled on your tenant cloud account.

Hi Baharul,

Please install 10.3 latest Designer Service development fix from GA (Fix 6) which will enable this feature.


Create/update required IS packages , IS config and UM Config.

Designer Setup:

Open Designer. Connect to IntegrationCloud tenant : Navigate to Windows> Preferences> Sofware AG > Integration Cloud , Provide Name, URL, User & Password of IC tenant, Test and Click OK.
Connect to Integration server: Navigate to Windows> Preferences> Sofware AG > Integration Servers, Provide Name, Host, Port, User & Password of IS, Test and Click OK
Connect to CCE: Navigate to Windows> Show View > Other… > Software AG Command Central> Landscape Navigator, Click on link “command central connection”, Provide Connection name, URL, User name & Password of CCE, Test and Click OK
Switch to Service Development perspective

IC Solution Creation:
Login to IC with Tenant Credentials. (create new tenant ICurl/reg).
Open App Launcher → Select Cloud Deployment. Stage in View will be Development by default for first time.
Under Dev Stage, Click on Solutions. Create New Solution, Select Landscape Type 1 / 2 / 3. Provide Solution Name, IS / UM server Names, update Core/Memory if required. Click on Save.
Wait for 3-5 min for IS to come up. Go into solution → Manage → verify IS / UM PODs are ready. Manage->Administration tab can show IS pages if IS runtime is UP.

Cloud Deployment: IS Assets and IS UM Configuration Deployment:
Right click on package/IS default node. Select Deploy to Cloud → Package.
Select the package(s) to deploy. Check the checkbox at the end to include configurations.
Select IS / UM Configuration. Update the fields for var/sub. Deploy.
Deployment successful message should come in Designer. Logs can be seen in Designer workspace/SPM folders.