deploying Jboss on a server

I am using a Windows 2003 server to host my AJAX/Jboss application.

My question is: do I have to install more software to enable other users to connect to Jboss AS? For example do I need Tomcat or should I somehow integrate IIS and Jboss? I tried reading as much I could on various websites, but I am getting lost in the details.

Any suggestions and ideas will be most appreciated.


If your problem is that you can only access Jboss in the browser from the local PC with localhost and not from other PCs, then you might not have enabled the binding to other hosts. By default, Jboss binds its services to the ‘localhost’ interface (

To change this add the following string to the command to startup JBoss

Thank you so much for the information. It works brilliantly.

I spent two days trying various options (from searches on the Internet), but just got more and more confused and frustrated. :oops:

You made my day - thanks!