Deploying Centrasite UDDI server in a different machine.


I’ve read the article in the below URL regarding the UDDI support offered by CentraSite.

We have Tamino in our current infrastructure which is installed on Server A. Tamino provides a .war file which contains the Inquiry and Publish web services. This WAR file can be deployed in any other server and so we’ve deployed it in Server B. The web.xml in this WAR file will be configured to point to Server A (actual installation location). Now when i do a UDDI Inquiry web service call to this Server B WAR, it will connect with Server A and retrieve data.

We need to do the same in CentraSite. We’ve installed CentraSite in Server A. The difference between Tamino and CentraSite is that unlike Tamino, while installing CentraSite the Web services are automatically installed in Server A and so CS does not provide me a WAR file to install in Server B. These web services are referred to as CS UDDI servers in the above article. Also in the article it was not mentioned whether this UDDI servers can be installed in different boxes.

I manually created a WAR from the contents of CS cast folder but I cannot get it deployed due to some JAR issues.

Is there any way I can install CS on Server A and deploy the CS UDDI web services in Server B like Tamino? Will that architecture work? We’ve many applications using Tamino architecture and so if this can’t be done then lot of network changes need to be done when we migrate to CentraSite from Tamino.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance.



I assume you are talking about CentraSite 3.1.x
You can install the CentraSite Applicaton Server Tier on server B, this should achieve the effect you are looking for



Thanks Dr. Harald.

Just one more query. Please do you know what port will CentraSite Applicaton Server Tier use to connect from Server B to Server A for UDDI requests?



by default this is 53305