Deploying CAF apps

Is there a step by step / cheat sheet for deploying a CAF app through environments. (7.1.1)

I used deployer to deploy the app but it doesn’t contain substitutions for web service endpoints. In designer I see the implicit variables for environment and that has the wsclient-endpointAddress but I can’t see how to change / set this as we move from DEV to UAT to PROD to point to the equivalent integration server where the services reside.

Any help ASAP would be appreciated.


When we moved through enviroments - it was a basic learning thing that we had to make sure to change authentication info to enviroment variables(under implicit variables such as ws-endpointAddress instead of hard coded environemnt which happens by default)

The three that normally need to be changed is endpointaddress/password/username to have Implicit Variables->Environment Variables->wsclient-endpointAddress/wsclient-password/wsclient-username respectively, in which case those are set at the environment level

I’m using the Implicit Variables->Environment Variables->wsclient-endpointAddress but I can’t find where to re-configure these in each environment.

Hi Niall,

After deploying the designer packages into the MWS,

Administration --> Administrative dashboard --> Configaration --> CAF Application Runtime Configuration

If you search there, you will find the all deployed projects in that server
Click on project for which you want to change the environmental variables(end point url, username, pwd…)

There you ll find Environmental entries, in that u can change

Hope this will be helpfull.


Got it