Deploying BrokerJMS artifacts to a new environment

We are deploying from a shared development environment to an Integration Test environment and need to know how to script creation of JMS connection factories, destinations, durable subscribers, broker document types, client groups and permissions.

I plan to use WmBrokerAdmin’s import/export features to create an ADL containing the document types, client groups and permissions that are used by the topics.

I plan to use the command line-based JMSAdmin tool to export and then import the JMS connection factories and destinations binding information.

I understand how to use WmJMSAdmin to create a durable subscribers for a JMS Topic. What do I use to automate creation of durable subscribers used by our JMS adapter notifications?

Is there a more unified approach for exporting JMS configuration information (factories, destinations, subscribers, document types and permissions) from one environment to another? Does Deployer cover all of these areas?


Hi Mark,

Probably this post is old, but even now Deployer does not support exporting Broker JMS configurations. When I tried it only shows DocumentsTypes and ClientGroups.

Can you share how did you achieve this…



Has anyone found a solution for this?