Deploying an App to an Android SDK device

Ok, so it’s apparently been too long since training…

I have a number of apps that I can run fine in Phoney, but I can’t for the life of me remember what I need to do to build/deploy the app to an instance of an Android virtual device I have running in the Android AVD Manager. I add an android handset and build, but what do I need to do to actually get the app deployed into my virtual device?

Can anyone help me out?


Hi David,

You need to do a MultiCompile from the Ant task.

Then choose the platform you want and if you wish to keep the output converted files or not. If you choose to keep the output converted files, you can then import that project into the workspace.

Once you have done that you use the build.xml and run the install task and that will load it on to the AVD.