Deployer - Where is checkpoint stored on physical file system

checkpoint saves all the elements which were selected during that build. if the build is failed, we can roll back using those old elements. Would like to know where is that backup files are saved?

And also where is the build file saved?


In the folders under \packages\WmDeployer\persist.….
I think just the data is kept here in the project name folders but the corresponding mappings might be somewhere else.

consider a scenario where,

  1. Moving code from Dev1 to Test1, and deployer is installed only on Dev1.

  2. When we create a checkpoint during deployment, that checkpoint will be created on the target server(i.e Test1, where Deployer is not present)

So, there won’t be WmDeployer package itself in the target server. Just wondering where it will save. :shock:


@ Naidu,

Did you try the step 1 and 2 of your scenarios. Did you get any error message?

There is no error i’m facing in this query… i’m just understanding where does this checkpoint get saved on the target server?


Hmm… need to check on this. I will update you once I get some information on this.

Meanwhile if you get to know the solution please update this thread :slight_smile:

Ok found the details -

when we do the checkpoint, package components are extracted from the Target server and kept as an encrypted file in the server(where deployer is installed), the encrypter file is located in the persist folder as told by D.C.

All the bulds, mappings, checkpoints are present under the persist/project folder.

Reason I explored this location is to have multiple checkpoints. (With deployer GUI, we can have only single checkpoint to which we can do the rollback)
Now I suppose we can change the checkpoint file names as bkp, and create the fresh checkpoint. Not very sure of this approach.


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Lets give it a try :smiley: :smiley:

Don’t understand multiple checkpoint thing. Every deployment can have two states 1. before deployment and 2. after deployment (rollback resets to before deployment state).
Do you mean multiple deployment candidates in same project, that will give you multiple checkpoints as well.

And Btw, the check points are not encrypted, its just plain archive files along with some mappinsg for rollback information.


please follow the path

  1. u r wm installation folder
  2. select u r IS
  3. wmDeployer
  4. persist
  5. projects
  6. checkpoint

here u can find u r checkpoint details