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In the Deployer when we select the package of the source server I am unable to browse components.

I can do “Select files” but components are not appearing. It is happening only in production environment. In dev & qa everything works fine.

Let me know if you have seen this.


I’ve seen this before, but the workaround is to unselect the package, then save. You will then have to reselect all the components.

Make sure the WmDeployerResource package is installed. From the Deployer’s home page, click on “IS & TN” under the Servers section on the left pane. This will bring up a list of the servers you have setup, and all the way to the right, it will tell you whether the WmDeployerResource package is installed on those servers.

Thanks for your inputs but I have WmDeployerResource Package already installed. Also with out selecting the pacakge if I do the save on the package it will give me a null pointer exception. Please see the message below.

error=class java.lang.NullPointerException
errorInputs= >>>projectName=test2, projectNameList=[0]test2, bundleName=test2, bundleNameList=[0]test2, serverAliasName=ProdCluster, serverAliasNameList=[0]ProdCluster, packageName=TINOrder, packageNameList=[0]TINOrder, action=updateComponent, actionList=[0]updateComponent, submit2=Save, submit2List=[0]Save<<<

Hi All,

I’m also facing the same issue.
When i’m trying to select the components of a package for deployment for source server, i’m getting error like


Can anyone help me on this ASAP …!!

Thanks and Regards,
Punith Reddy.T

Did you try the above suggestions and resource package installed on the source/target servers?

Also is this the first time you faced this issue?


Hi Rmg,

yes, i tried above suggestions and i have the WmDeployerResource and WmDeployer packages are installed on both source and target side.

And, i’m using WM6.5 on windows machine and a 32-bit java version of 1.4.2_07 (48.0).

And interestingly, when i copy the service which is giving the error to a default package and when i selected the copied service from the default package in the deployer define step, it’s working fine.

Is this issue, has any relation with ACL privileges.

Waiting for your reply …!!

Thanks and Regards,
Punith Reddy.T

Hi All,

The issue is resolved when i given a version to the package as 1.0.
When i’m getting the error, there is no version to the package.

And thank you all for your suggestions or replies within short span.

Thanks and Regards,
Punith Reddy.T

Great…glad it was got resolved:

Hope you don’t mind asking a higher level question about how Deployer works. Here’s the situation. We write some code in our Development environment and want to move it to our Test env. So here’s what we do:

  1. I create deploymentSet1 with service1 and service2 from sourceServer1
  2. Build1 contains deploymentSet1
  3. DeploymentMap1 points to targetServer1
  4. DeploymentCandidate1 moves Build1 to targetServer1 via DeploymentMap1

Two days later, we need to move service3, but don’t want to rebuild service1 or service2 because they could have changed. Here’s where I’m missing something about Deployer.

I can create deploymentSet2 that contains only service3. But I can’t seem to create Build2 and point it to deploymentSet2. Does anyone know how to do that?

Always one option is you can create as a new project/build and move it

second option is continue with Build2 and myDeploymentMap2 and when you creating new Deployment Candidate you have the options to select

*Project Build: select Build2 for example
*Deployment Map: select myDeploymentMap2 for example

And you are all set the new build in the same project:


Thanks for the response! For the second option, I am not able to create a Build2 with a different set of code. It seems I can’t create DeploymentSet2 and map it exclusively to Build2.

The scenario is:

  • On day 1, we move codeset1 from Dev to Test
  • On day 2, I want to move codeset2 from Dev to Test
  • On day n, I want to move codeset’n’ from Dev to Test

When we’re ready to move code to Prod, I’d like to reuse Deployer objects (e.g. builds, maps, deployment candidates, etc.) to make sure we move the same code to Prod that was previously moved to Test. Does that make sense? Do you know if Deployer can facilitate that?

From what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t seem like Deployer is good for that.

I believe it will work as you only really moving build2 and mydeploymentset2 in the deployment in the existing project assigning…

Please try the same in the lower level environment to prove it using a test package/services.I know some deployer versions are not user friendly/bugs and SAG says it improved more it in 8.x.x:


Hello rvasisht,

I guess you’ll only need build to move the same code to prod, rest will change as per map.
Export and reuse it for QA/Prod.


How will it work with one Build1 itself? as he moving some new set of services in th same project and doesn’t want previous build effective as Build1 services could have some changes and not confident to move those to prod

Guess I took it wrong.

you are correct rmg. We cant use the same build and reuse it for latest services also(for that matter even if the existing services are modified, the build has to be rebuilt), doing so will happen through changing the build definition, which means it a different build altogether. Just the name of the build remains same.

when rvasisht mentioned reusing, took it as reusing the defined components across environments.


No issues…thanks for the quick reply:

Thanks RMG and JKhan! Much appreciated feedback.

I just read through all your feedback. Again, much appreciated.

From what I gathered from my testing some of this out in Deployer and reading the Deployer Guide (documentation is always a last resort for stubborn engineers :wink: the only way I can accomplish my goal of using Deployer as an enterprise wM code migration tool is to create a new Deployer project every time I want to save off a build (i.e. a snapshot of our code at a given point in time). Or, I guess I could export various builds and then import them one at a time and push them to our target environment (e.g. Production). While neither of those seems like a great option, the first one seems at least repeatable.

RMG - I’ll also look into wM 8.x in hopes it does a better job with wM code migration.

  • Rajesh

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