Deployer - process model servers not being listed


When I click on the process model servers tab inteh Deployer, its in loading state infinitely. I see the remote servers properly.
When I create the deployment set for process models, then also the source(process model servers) are not being listed.

Could you please let me know, what can be the issue ?

I tried -

  1. reloading WmPRT , WmDeployer packages.
  2. Restarted the PRT jdbc pools
  3. restarting the server also

but, nothing helped out.


Hi Naidu,

Are the process servers,added in the deployer page are they runnning fine and have you tested them, it is local process server or a remote one.

Mws up and running fine ?


Did you add BPM(ProcessModel) Servers under Servers tab in WmDeployer home page?

Hi Naidu,

Please let us know the version of IS and Deployer. If it is stable version I have following suggestions:

  1. Check the remote sever status on deployer IS.
  2. If first is ok, do a telnet on BPM on remote server port.

HTH to identify the issue.

Please do update once you resolve the issue.


Hi Naidu,

  1. Increase the server logging and trace the logs for any errors.
  2. Check the network connectivity between the source and the Target IS.
  3. See if the WM database has an issue
  4. Check if there is a tablespace issue for Process tables in WM database.
  5. Confirm that you have the latest version of deployer fix installed.


Additionally check the following:

Make sure that the WmDeployerResource-Packages is installed on IS hosting the WmPRT-Package.

Check for the RemoteServer Setting on these IS that they connect successfully.

Check the WmDesigner-Package, that the Logical Server is correctly mapped to physical IS.

Beside this please tell us, if the Deployer is hosted on the same IS as the WmPRT or on a different IS.

The Deployer connects to the Server configured under BPM(ProcessModel) settings, but then remotely calls services by using the RemoteServer-Settings on the Source-IS.


Hi All,
Thank for your inputs. Sorry for the reply.

The issue is not with the connectivity, as I tested the servers in Deployer page, they were all successful.
But when I create a deployment set, the servers are not getting listed. May be a UI issue?? not very sure.

Answering the above questions -

  1. As asked, IS version is 8.0 SP1, with Fix12.
  2. Yes, the Deployer is not in the same server as of PRT.
  3. MWS is working fine, with PM’s and their instances.

Last week, we had to uninstall our Deployer instance and reinstal (because of someother issue). After this fresh install, everything is working fine. Only sad part is that we could point to the root cause. :expressionless:

Thank you all once again!