Deployer : Not able to create Deployer Project on Deployer https using ProjectAutomator


i am calling ProjectAutomator to create Project on Deployer running on secure port i.e https and getting below error. Also please find attached ProjectAutomator.

 [exec] [DEBUG] [04 Jan 2017 07:11:34,212] (
 [exec][b] Error invoking Service wm.deployer.Util:listISServerAliases[/b] on server host:5555
 [exec] [ERROR] [04 Jan 2017 07:11:34,214] (
 [exec] Error retrieveing list of IS Remote Server Aliases.
 [exec] [ INFO] [04 Jan 2017 07:11:34,214] (
 [exec] Started Generating Report ... 
 [exec] [ INFO] [04 Jan 2017 07:11:34,215] (

Note: If i run same ProjectAutomator for deployer running on http port then its working fine.

Please suggest, its showstopper for me as we cant use Deployer running on non secure port i.e http.

ProjectAutomator_Test.txt (1.63 KB)

Hi Vipin,

are sure that 5555 is an HTTPS-Port?

5555 usually is the default Port which is not using SSL.

In your project file there is an entry useSSL which is set to false.
Does changing it to true solve your issue?



yah we have made 5555 port as https.

the entry useSSL is used where we are creating targetserver on Deployer server so that we can deploy code to that server. that useSSL shows targetserver is on http.

by making useSSL to true there is no difference.

we can remove that entry where we are creating targetServer and we can use already created target server as hard coded value.

Seems we are getting error while accessing Deployer Server on https port.


unfortunately projectautomator is not able to connect to Deployer server using HTTPS for creating the project in WmDeployer. I have the same problem. Confirmed by SAG support. Raised a feature request in empower brainstorm (id 04790).

Only Deployer can use ssl to deploy artifacts to the servers.


Yes, Projectautomator is only for servers using HTTP protocol