deployer 6.5 errorInputs

HI on WM deployer 6.5, while deploying we v got the error

error=class java.lang.NullPointerException
errorInputs= >>>action=deploy, actionList=[0]deploy, projectName=somepn, projectNameList=[0]somepn, deploymentName=DEPLOY_target, deploymentNameList=[0]DEPLOY_target, preDeployString=false, preDeployStringList=[0]false, project=somepn<<<

I tried a deployment with a project containing no substitution to initialize the connections, before deployment
but it does not help
some have already solved this problem

Tanks in advance

Any one got solution for this?

I had the same problem

My solution, I installed the latest version of “WmDeployerResource”

  1. Go to http://:/WmDeployer/
    page. Click on IS & TN alias link, select all servers and
    click Install button. This step will install the latest
    version of “WmDeployerResource” package on all selected
    remote servers.