Deployer 6.5 Error (errorMessage=com.wm.deployer. ISSourceSystem)

I got this error when I try to Deploy a package to another server for this I followed following steps:

1.Created remote Server Alias (source machine name:remoteLocalServer; destination machine name: remoteServerBE)
2. Created project (Name: migrate_FE_Packages)
3. Created a deployment set using Define Option (
Out of four folder
Administration, Packages, Webmethods File, Trading Networks) in Packages all required packages are checked (no other Packages are checked)
4. Issue occure when I try to create build, It display these error

[ error=class java.lang.ClassCastException >>>projectName=migrate_FE_Packages, projectNameList=[0]migrate_FE_Packages, action=add, actionList=[0]add, buildName=myBuild, buildNameList=[0]myBuild, buildDescription=, buildDescriptionList=[0], submit=Create, submitList=[0]Create<<< errorService=wm.deployer.UIExtractor:extractSource ] 

window OS XP,
wM 6.5,

Thanks in advance for looking into this matter.

Thanks & Regards,

I have same problem.

After adding the Remote Server Alias, there will be an option called “Test”.
If you run the “Test” button, it should say “connected”.

Can you please check?

Ramanjaneyulu D


Can you tell me whether it is the first time your trying to deploy or you are getting this error for that particular package only.