Deployement is getting failed.

Hi All,

When i am trying to deploy service from one environment to another environment.Simulation report is getting success. But deployment is getting failed with below error :

1.An exception occurred while attempting to put Package: “XYZ” into the inbound directory. The error message follows: “[ISC.0064.9314] Authorization Required: [ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied”

2.The Package to be deployed, “xyz”, was not found in the build zip file: “host:port”.


Check in the target server file system i.e replicate inbound whether you have the write access privileges or not.

Please check if you have entered the correct credentials in the remote servers.

When trying to deploy ProcessModels, make sure to check the remote server credentials on the target server as well as this one is referenced indirectly via the logical server.


Probably the credentials used as part of RemoteServers of deployer is not correct. Please refer Deployer documentation for more details.


Yes please check the RemoteServer alias credentials on the Deployer IS and did this worked before with another build/package or same issue continues?