deploy packages issue from Wm version 9.7 to version 9.10 thru Wm Deployer

I set 4 remote servers thru IS admin portal, 2 of them are Verson 9.7, 2 of them are Version 9.10. Such as
Name | Version
IS_A 9.7
IS_B 9.7
IS_C 9.10
IS_D 9.10

I set IS_A as source server. When I add Target Servers for Deployment Maps, there is a warning “[DEP.0002.0171] Deployer has applied a filter for targets of version 9.7 on project XXX”, which means that only one optional server IS_B could be chose. I was planing to deploy packages from Wm 9.7 to Wm 9.10. However, for now I can not choose a 9.10 server.

How could I deal with it?

Hi Aaron,

you need 2 Deployer instances, i.e. one on IS_A and one on IS_C.

Export the build from first Deployer (9.7), import the build to second Deployer (9.10) and migrate the project to 9.10.

With which Version of Deployer were you trying this deployment?

See Deployer Users Guide for details.


I have an issue with my deployer,
when i create a project with the package name containing “_”, in the WMdeployer/pub/projects, it creates a project with a bizarre name, exemple :
projectName : ztest_Build
projectNameEncoded : pq_ztestBuild_93a

thanks for your help


as the underscore is just by the Deployer itself, the underscores in the project name will removed.
This is by default and cannot be changed.

Which version of Deployer are you using?


9.9 i think im going to remove the _ from the projectName before creating it

Hello Holger,

I have a question about adapters and i didn’t get an answer from the forum, i have to lock a line in a table in a database and do some modification on it, and i don’t want anybody to touch it till im done with it, my question is : the lock of the lines is delt with by the database or should i use start/commit transactions to get the job done ?


Hi Marca,

first of all this question is not related to the original thread.

This depends on the database type and how strong you need this to be controlled.

Usually the database can control this by itself returning the old values as long as the transaction is not committed.