DeliveryId from routeXML

we have a certain flow that uses to send docs into TN. after invoking that service, there is a deliveryId variable on the pipeline, so we repeatdely run to get delivery status on the document.

another of our flows uses (and therefore, and and routeBizdoc doesn’t seem to be supplying deliveryId variable. is there some way we can get this variable while continuing to use ?


If you have the internal doc id for TN you can run a query to return the tasks for that document… perhaps that’s the way…? You could also call deliver yourself, although that may yield the sort of auditing you require…

It’s just a case of finding which of the query/retrieve services in the WmTN package you need to hook together. The query mechanism might be a little strange, but the basic idea is that you build a query object, then run the query and then iterate over the results…

Hope that gives you some idea,
Nathan Lee

Luke: Would caution against relying on deliveryId being in the pipeline. TN is infamous for being a pipeline litterbug, though it has gotten better. Unless the service description states that a variable will exist upon return, it shouldn’t be relied upon.

Nathan has pointed out a good approach. Look up the task(s) for your doc. That will be much more reliable.

Side question: Why are you repeatedly calling to get delivery status on the document? If it is to capture delivery errors and send alerts/notifications, there may be a better way.