Deleting the XSDs with imports


When I try to delete a schema (XSD) which imports multiple schemas and if these schemas are not referenced anywhere, then upon deletion of the parent schema, all the imported schemas gets deleted as well.
For e.g. if schema A imports schema B, schema C and schema D and if schema B, C and D are not referenced by any of the schemas in the registry- then upon deletion of schema A, schemas B, C and D also gets deleted from the registry.

Is this a bug in the Community edition or it works fine in the Governance / ActiveSOA edition ? Thanks,

  • Hiten Patel


I think this is a feature, not a bug. If you import a schema, all referenced schemas are imported as well. Hence it is just symmetric to delete them when the root schema is deleted

Hi Herald,

The deletion use-case works fine in the Centrasite Governance edition 7.1 SP2 where it explicitly asks whether to delete the unreferenced schemas. On selecting No, it keeps the imported (child) schemas intact in the repository.

So, has this feature been yanked out in Centrasite ActiveSOA edition ?

Thanks for your help.

  • Hiten Patel