Office 2003 schemas

Is there any way to define Office 2003 schemas in Tamino ?

… more details:
There are two schemas Office.xsd and vml.xsd.
Office has reference to vml and vml has reference to office. How can I define them in Tamino ?
I’ve removed office refernce from vml.xsd, then I’ve defined vml and office schemas. In the next step I should modify vml, but Schema Editor does not allow to modify vml.
Any ideas ?

You have to cut the references. Decide which schema is more important. Then cut all references from the other schema to this schema by replacing them by any/strict or anyAttribute/strict.

Sorry, there is no other way. Recursion is not supported.

Hi all
A solution will become available with PARIS where we will allow for changes
of an imported/included schema - thus allowing for adding a backward import.
Best regeards