Deleting JDBC Adapter Notification

Iam trying to delete a JDBC adapter notification. In the polling notification table, the enabled field says ‘Not Scheduled’. Whether or not i Edit Schedule, it remains the same. And, on the developer, iam not able to delete the adapter notification coz it says ‘Disable notification first’.

That is, i cannot enable Polling Notification on IS. Yet, i cannot delete adapter notification from developer. Can someone tell me where iam going wrong.

If you want to delete the JDBC Adapter Notification from the developer just disable or use delete icon in the IS/JDBC Adapter home page for the particular notification schedule you created.Finally go to develper and delete the notification adapter service.

Some restaring IS is also good solution.


hi jagan ,
i am having the same problem i am unable to delete my notification or schedule it ,may i know how u solved this.

Try manually dropping Buffer table, Trigger and sequence associated with the polling notification from DB and then Enable/disable the notification.


Did you tried deleting adapter notification service from the developer?Original question is related to it.Any ideas?



Sorry, I misread the problem. I was not able to replicate the problem in the original question. I am able to schedule my notification and enable/disable it. Once the notification is disabled, deleting the JDBC adapeter notification from developer as you suggested should work.

I have seen some cases where you try to disable a notification but it would not let you do so. In that case, manually deleting the DB objects helps as you might already know.