Deleting entries from Transaction Analysis in TN

Hi All,
Is there a way by which i can delete entries from the Transaction analysis in the TN?


To filter what is displayed in Transaction Analysis, click the Show/Hide query toolbar button and change the criteria.

If you want to delete documents from the database, please see the Archiving and Deleting documents section of the Trading Networks User’s Guide.

Thanks for your time Mark.
But what i intend to do is, delete some specific documents from database and not all.
Is there a way by which i can specify the criteria on which the documents can be deleted from the database?

Thanks for the help.


There is a Archive service in WmTN package which you can make use of,just specify the timeframe.


Specify the specific document id of the document.

Be careful.

You can also use SQL delete statements to delete it from the TN schema. Be very careful here because you may corrupt your TN schema and cause TN to crash.


Yemi Bedu