Deleting deployed virtual services after database restoration

I moved a database from a previous database backup file on a new installation centrasite 8.2.2. The previous installation (from where i took the DB backup) had a few virtual services deployed on the mediator. That particular mediator does not exist any more.
Now, when i restore my current database from this backup file (using MoveCentraSiteRR) i see those virtual services deployed to that target (which in reality does not exist). Because of this, i am unable to undeploy those virtual services, and hence delete them.
Is there a way around for this ?


Hi Janardan,

You can choose the deployed virtual service and use the ‘Delete’ from the actions in the Operations → Deployment page of CentraSite Control. Please have a look at the attached screenshot.

Please note a related bug was fixed as part of CentraSite 822 Fix 20. So make sure that you are using CS 822 Fix 20 or above.

Karthik G

Thanks Karthik. That works! :slight_smile: