Deleting a row from a table in database as well as in GUI

Hi All,

I have created a service for displaying contents of a table and deleting the row based on particular value .
I have created content provider.
Am able to remove a particular row, based on the selected row by using “selected row check box” and “remove row” control, only in the front end.
How can i remove the data from the database as well.
How can i map Selected rowID to my delete service input, so that the data is deleted in database aswell?

Thanks and Regards,
Bhavani B R

It sounds like you are using IS Services to retrieve data. Have you created a Delete Service yet that executes a jdbc Delete? You’ll want to expose that as a web service that takes the primary key (or whatever identifier your table has). Then you’ll want to create a web service client for that service. In your CAF portlet, create a function that gets the WebService Client, set the input parameter (the id of the row), and invoke refresh() on the webservice client.

Hope this helps.