Default Trigger Message Processing properties

Is there a way to change the IS/JMS default trigger settings ? Normally when a trigger is created the Processing mode=Concurrent and Max execution threads=10. I want to change these default setting.

I am not sure if SAG has exposed any IS extended settings to change the default settings for the trigger creation, but you can create the same programatically via the services in WmPublic, did you try them?

@Mahesh K. Sreenivas: Thanks for your reply. I could find the service ‘wm.server.triggers:setProperties’ but I was more looking for a configuration that will just take care of it. The problem is with BPM triggers that any change to their properties are lost when the BPM is regenerated and we have to apply the change again.

AFAIK, this is not possible. You’ll have to create a custom solution. This might be a service that sets the settings to the desired values, or you can do it as a part of deployment procedure.

Hmm… :slight_smile: how often do you change/regenerate your BPM processess?

As mentioned, you need to build some flow service that will kickoff once the BPM is generated or via deployer and the last option will be a manual task to update the trigger props.

I can check if there is any other bettwer way of doing this.

Hi Abdullah,

You can use below highlighted built in service to change the trigger properties isConcurrent/MaxExecutionthreads at run time.


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