Debug Level in pub.flow:Debuglog


IN pub.debuglog we set debuglevel as Error and in IS>Logging>ServerLogging>pub:flow services is set to Warn.
Will the Error information is dispalyed in Server Log or Error Log.
SImilarly for Debug and Trace,
What information will be displayed in log.

Goutham Reddy M[/size]

Hi Goutham,

most likely this data will show up in server.log.

The setting in IS>Logging defines which data will be logged.
Setting to Warn will show all messages for Critical, Error and Warn.

Trace is the highest setting and will show all messages regardless of their log level.

These are the available Log-Levels, their numeric values and their representation in the ServerLog:
Critical - 0 - C
Error - 1 - E
Warn - 2 - W
Info - 3 - I
Debug - 4 - D
Trace - 5 to 10 - V1 to V6


I absolutely agree with Holger on this.