Debug Java service inside flow service in wM 8.2.2

i am currently working on wM version 8.2.2

i know how to debug a java service in designer by generating a test harness and debugging it seperately by setting breakpoints but what i am trying to do is step into the java service while debugging my flow service. PFB the scenario. :roll:

Flow Service has 7 steps. 4 step is a java service. While debugging the flow service from step 3 i want to step into the java service at step 4… If there is a way to do this please let me know??

No, this is not possible. But what a great idea for a new feature!

I believe this is possible in new Designer/eclipse tool base…If I remember correctly or going to be in the 9.0?

I am interested in this as well. Was it in fact added in version 9.0? If not, does anyone know if this is coming soon?


  1. As you said, Flow service with 7 flow steps and 4th would be a java service.
    When you start debugging the main flow service. it will start executing all the flow steps. when it comes to 4th flow steps which is java service. the debugging option(Step-In) will automatically disable from the tool bar

If you really want to debug the java service, than you’ve to add output variable and set the values inside the java service.

I think its good idea. but difficult to implement. Because. whenever if we do any changes in java service. while saving the same java service. It will start compiling from 1st character.

News: Developer is completely deprecated in wM9.0

you are right on the behavior and good bye Developer:D

Does anyone know if there is a plan to be able to step into a Java service in debug at any point in the near future?

I believe this is a long time feature request and still pending.

Hope fully it comes reality soon in the Designer/Eclipse.