DateTime calendar week starting with Sunday vs Monday

Hi there,

I have to fomat a given date into the right calendar week. For this I use and as output pattern ‘w’ which gives you the calendar week.

I assume the calendar week starts with sunday. I need the calendar week starting with monday (quite common in germany).

How do I do this?
I can’t find any settings in the config files.
with unix ‘date’ command one could use %U vs %V or %W.
Is there something similiar at IS4.6?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Since IS is a Java-based system, most of its facilities simply use the underlying JVM settings. In this case, I assume that setting the proper locale for the JVM will do the trick. Have you done any testing to see what is being returned?

Hi Rob,

thanks, I think you are right. I found the following in the documentation:

public int getFirstDayOfWeek()Gets what the first day of the week is; e.g., Sunday in US, Monday in France.

Since I’m no java developer: could you explain to me how to change the locale on our server? Is it a java specific setting or the global unix (sun) setting?


I believe the JVM gets the default locale setting from the OS. A search on Google for “default locale unix jvm” turns up some hits that may be useful.


allthough I feel quite stupid, I still wanted to share the information and update the thread.

In the pub.Date:DateTimeFormat flow there is an aditional input variable called locale. Although I couldn’t find any documentation I tried to enter ‘de’ for Germany and it worked. It takes the country specific settings (e.g. week starting with monday).

Thanks or your help anyway,