Date operation with Business Calendar?


I’ve set a ‘Date/Time’ event for one of my task, so that it sends an user defined notification if the task is not completed before a due date.

For the due date, I’ve defined a business calendar (over MWS administration) and set the ‘due date’ to 8 business days after task creation date.

The event and thus the notification is working fine. So no problem with event, business calendar and so on.

Now my question: I’d like to show the task due date over the task-details portlet and over the custom-inbox portlet. Is there any way to get the business calendar out of the MWS and do some operations on it like ‘give me some user defined date plus eight business days’? I’d like to use the business calendar defined on the MWS so that I don’t have to manage several identical business caledars.


I would add an extra field to your Task (set it as a Date field). Then add an Event Handler that responds to the onQueue event. For the action, use Set Business Data Date Field. Then you can use that business data (the target due date) in whatever UI you like. It is just like displaying any other business data.

Hope this helps.

Hi Mark,

that’s the problem, I don’t have the duedate as value in my task, so that I can’t assign it. The due date is computed out of the task creation date by the task engine when the event is run (see my attachment screenshot).

What I require is a way to get the computed due date out of the task engine, or a way to get the business calendar in order to do date operations on it.


The Date field doesn’t have to be part of the Input or Output to the Task Step. You are free to add as many ‘custom internal fields’ that you want. Please see the attached screen shots.