ADABAS - Date Field - JSP


I am trying to access ADABAS File (in mainframe) mapped in Tamino.

There in one Date Format field which is mapped as Format - Packed Decimal in the Tamino Schema.

When I retrieve data I get the value for that field as 730406.

Can any one tell me please how I can get the output in normal YYYY-MM-DD format?

Any help is appreciated.


unfortunately, this is not possible. You can not specify that this value is a ADA/NAT Timestamp. X-Node does not have the algorhythms to de-/encode it.



Hello Roy,

You could have an additional alphanumeric field on the Adabas file that has a formatted representation of the date field in a form that is useful from the Tamino side. The of course would require application changes on the m/f to populate the field.


Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.

Timm and Stuart, thanks for the information. Since I am going to use JSP for the application, I wrote the code for Decoding and Encoding the value.

Thanks for your help.