Date field behavior after slelecting calendar picker

When entering or editing data on a form field that is a date field, if you click on the field, a popup calendar appears.

Once the calendar appears, I have not been able to click back on the field to enter the date via the keyboard. If you tab to the field via the keyboard, then you can enter the date with the keyboard.

But once you click on the calendar picker, the field is no long accessible via keyboard unless you tab to it.

I would like it so that I could directly edit the date field via the keyboard after having used the data picker.

I also had the same problem with the visual date picker, when doing customer demo around last month.
The behavior is like as described by Howard.
Is it already fixed now?

Hi Yoseph, Hi Howard,

Thanks for the question.

Once the date picker comes up the focus shifts to the popup and hence you would not be able to type the date in the text field behind the popp. This is primarily done to prevent users from providing a wrong date format. We can look at how we can enhance this but since the site is disabled-user certified this will most likely take a while to be implemented.


Try following steps: on the input field for date picker. (The date picker appears now.)
2. Select any date from the date picker. (The date picker will disappear once the selection is made.)
3. The focus will now be in the input field. The field is now editable and the values can now be changed using keyboard.

Clicking on the input field again or pressing enter key will open the date picker again. Then repeat from the step 2 mentioned above.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the response Gaurav.

What do you when you say the site is “disabled-user certified”, and how does it relate to this issue?

Thanks Satheesh.

The behavior described above does work for me.

However, the steps I am following are these:

  1. Click on the Date field, which brings up the Date Picker.
  2. Attempt to type in the date.
  3. None of the keystrokes show up in the date field. You are stuck in this state until you select a date from the Date Picker, then you can modify it via the keyboard (as you describe above).

The situation we were running into with users is that they were using the keyboard for entry, and they were getting the Date Picker popping up (through their keystrokes), and then they just wanted to type in the date, not using the Date Picker. So this was something we ran into with user testing.