Date Difference flow service???

Hi All,
Does anyone has a service(flow) to find the difference between two dates in minutes. I am trying to create a generic service that will take the date1 and format, date2 and format then find the difference between these two dates.

Thanks in advance:)

Have you reviewed the date services in the PSUtilities sample package available on Advantage?


Check out in PSUtilities package there is a date diff service which you can make use of it.


Hi experts,
I want to write a flow serviceto find Date difference without using PSUtils.
Plz tell me logic to implement this.

Thanks in advance


The purpose of the PSUtilities package is to provide examples to help you learn (on your own) how to perform many common tasks. Study the code for services that do what you want in order to build your own, similar, services in either Flow or java.

If all all else fails, you might try this new web site. It’s really catching on.


Hi Mark Carlson,
Thanks for all your inputs. I will try with PSUtils.