Date (DATEINPUT) control

When using the DATEINPUT control, triggering of the popup calendar causes the calendar to showup in a new window. When using dual monitors, this popup is not showing up on the same monitor as the browser session that spawns it. Grasping at straws, I tried to use the XCIOPENPOPUP control to change the popup to PAGEPOPUP hoping it would force the calendar into the same page that is spawning it but this didn’t seem to work. Is there a way to encourage the calendar popup to showup in a specific location, or at least near the control that spawned it?

Thank you for any help.


which version of NJX and which browser are we talking about here ?


Developing in NaturalONE 8.2.4 and using NJX 8.2.4. Browser is FireFox 9.

Thank you.

I had an issue with DATEINPUT a while back, it was fixed with NJX823 and I assume
the fix made it into ONE824 as well, but anyway, there was an issue whereby the
popup wasn’t modal on firefox, but was on IE.

Can you please check if this behaves differently / correctly for you on IE ?

It does seem to be specific to Firefox. In IE the calendar shows up in the middle of the browser window.

I checked readme.fix for both NJX and ONE, that DATEINPUT fix for firefox
isn’t mentioned in the list of fixes for ONE, which doesn’t mean it isn’t there,
maybe what you are observing is a different issue nevertheless. You’ll have
to open an incident, I’m afraid (refer to NJX-782 which is the issue solved
for me in NJX823), at least there’s proof it behaves differently in FF and IE.

Sorry for not being able to help directly.


Thanks Wolfgang. You’ve at least saved me from banging my head against the wall for a while before I get a hold of support. I assumed it was something I simply wasn’t doing correctly.

Not at all, Todd, there’s really no way you can influence the
location of the date popup, at least none I’m aware of :wink: