Date conversion problem

When publishing any date field (ex. 04/25/2003 00:00:00),
by the time it gets to the pipeline it has converted the
object back six hours to 04/24/2003 18:00:00. Any ideas why this is occuring and how to fix it?

More complete detail than the original post
I am using the 4.6 version of document tracker to post an ES
document. One of my fields in the document is a BrokerDate
object. I set the date object to 04/25/2003 00:00:00.
When the document is recieved by the Integration server the
date has been converted to 04/24/2003 18:00:00. I
subscribed to the document using Document Tracker and
verified that it receives the document correctly.
Integration server also appears to be adjusting for daylight
savings time as well because when the date falls in CDT it
returns 19:00:00 but when the date falls in CST it returns
18:00:00. Any thoughts?


I believe at least one of your IS services does not have the
time zone set. The six hour offset would be a conversion
back to UCT from CST/CDT. The manuals note that if you
don’t set the zone, it defaults to UCT.

I found a reference to this in the BuiltInServices guide but
am not having any luck locating where this is set. Do you
know off-hand

The time zome setting for the BC comes from Windows (or
your preferred OS). Set during install of the OS.

If the zone is correstly set on your server, then it sounds
like you are using date formats without time zone


In the Built-In services guide, you will note that each
service (except, I believe, “dateTimeFormat”) has a timezone
value to be set. If you use this, then the reported time
should be correct.

Generally, time should be stored by computers in a UCT based
format and since that is what you see in doc tracker, WM
seems to be doing it right. The only trick is just changing
the display of the time, and timezone should do the trick.

For .Net, only add .ToUniversalTime() to the end of the convertion.

doc.PH.Birthday = Convert.ToDateTime(pHBirthday.Text).ToUniversalTime();