Database Tamino - Define unique key


In Tamino, is it possible to define a unique key? On three attributes for exemple:


In advance, thank you for your help


Yes unique keys are possible (but well hidden;-)
Click on the “doctype” element and right-click, then you will have the option of defining unique keys.
I’m not quite sure I understand you attribute questio - the forum’s formatting probably screwed up your example :frowning:

Hi Finn the Dane,

I forget in my exemple, the attribute:

Where I can see this property? In Tamino Manager or Tamino Schema Editor?

Thank you for your help!


You’ll find it in the SchemaEditor…

This forum don’t like the tag with attributes, for exemple, the attribute ara:

a = 2
b = 3
c = 4
d = “end”

and I would like to have “a”, “b” and “c” like unique key!

Thanks for your help!


I choose the Property “Insert” and then “tsd unique”. Is it right? Or haye you seen an another way to define the unique key (or primary key in relation Database).

Thank you for your help!


Tamino already has it’s “primary key” - the ino:id !!
But - yes “tsd unique” is what you should use and you can add a list of elements or attributes in the “Field xpaths”.
For more info you can look here: