Database tables partitioning


Our DBA’s are asking if we can set up partitioning on our IS schema’s (especially TN), as some tables grow awfully large.
Unfortunatly, the documentation doesn’t mention anything about partioning. There’s only an entry on brainstorm, but that’s about it.

So now I’m wondering if anybody has experience with this (and perhaps can give some examples).
I’m quite interested to know if it could be possible to make partitions on the TN tables for different partners/processing rules(transactions).



Hi Stefan,

This problem is an age old problem which we deal with on a day to day basis. One side its encouraged to use MWS to store data for Resubmits which causes more meta data to be stored all thanks to developers who believe on the word “OVERKILL”.

Messing with product tables of webMethods is not a very good idea as it can have adverse effects on your product component like MWS for instance an MWS search time can increase greatly. WM ensures that all the product tables have the relevant optimization parameters are in place when the product is set up.

I wouldnt recommend toying with that DB. However how we handled it was there was a means of compression of oracle data on the tables. You might need to talk to your DBA(s).

If all else fails use the Archiving scripts provided by webMethods. Ask your DB’s to have a cron job which runs this script periodically which archives data older than a set parameter.