Database Storage problem

Hello all,

we encountered already twice a problem with our logs on a Oracle 8.1.7 database. In the server log which works with a flat file I had the following entry:

2003-10-04 04:12:21 CEST [PRT.0101.0512W] *** Database Storage problem. Exception: [wm-cjdbc32-0014][Oracle JDBC Driver]There is no process to read data written to a pipe

After that I found out that all other logging that should have been going to the Oracle log had stopped. Using the Test and restart button/link in the JDBC Pool link from administrator only showed OK answers but did not really change the behaviour of the IS. Only after a restart of the IS did logging work again.

Tablespace on the Oracle server shows that only about 5% of the tablespace has been used (so there should not be a disk storage problem).

Any hints and tips will be appreciated.


Hello Bernhard and all,

Have you found a solution to this problem ?
I am experiencing quite the same.
Below the description
I would appreciate any help


My logging databases are installed on a SQL Server 2000 platform and I am using Integration Server 6.0.1 SP2.
I manage to :

  • connect to all the databases (auditlog and process log)
  • deploy a process model with Modeler (my process is triggered by a broker publishable document)
  • enable this process model in Monitor
    But once the model is fired by the dedicated trigger, I get the following message in the Server logs, which is logged indefinitely :

2004-03-03 10:58:52 CET [PRT.0101.0512W] *** Database Storage problem. Exception: [PRT.0101.9262] PID d0df84f4b5afc6fdfb6624819f:1: Could not get a connection in InstanceManger.getProcessThreadCount()

I do not know the answers to the problems described, however I do have two suggestions you might look into.

  1. Obtain the latest cjdbc32 (sl53_cj32.jar) JDBC driver from webMethods. Bernhard is using (what wM calls) build 14 (wm-cjdbc32-0014). The most current version I’ve been able to get from wM support is build 35 (wm-cjdbc32-0035).
  2. Goto [url=“”]Data Integration Tools, Connectors & Solutions | Progress DataDirect and search the DataDirect knowledge database. Perhaps you will find some clues there.


I have seen this error, and it was because one of the database tables was missing a column. The scripts to fix this are in the IntegrationServer\packages\WmPRT\config directory.