database schema

does anyone know if there is documentation on the webmethods tables? if so can you please point me in the right direction.


Hi Cory,
Unfortunately the webMethods product tables (internal) are not documented due to various reasons. But you can find a overview of them in the chap. Creating and Dropping Database Components from the 9-8_Installing_webMethods_and_Intelligent_Business_Operations_Products

May I know what is that your are looking for?

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thanks for the speedy response. I will check that documentation. More specifically I am looking for TN tables so I can create custom reports.

Hi Cory,
I would recommend you to use Database tools to generate E-R diagram against TN schema installed. That way you will understand the relationship between TN tables very easily. Also dividing the tables into static and run-time helps you.

When you run a TN query/transaction search from MWS, there are options to show the SQL syntax used behind. That will also help you to understand better.



Thank you Manohara for the response,
Good idea, I will do both.