Database Organisation Question


In our currently IS-7.1 setup the following JDBC-Pools are used:

IS_C1 : DocumentHistory, ISInternal, Xref
IS_CA : ISCoreAudit
IS_PA : ProcessAudit
IS_PE : ProcessEngine

for external reason I have to migrate all the pools into the IS_C1 pool.

Question: Does can I easy switch the JDBC-Pools IS_CA/PA/PE to IS_C1
filled with empty tables and afterwards restart the server or does I have
to migrate the data from the old IS_CA/PA/PE tables too.
The IS is not a Production system, data is only used for testing.

From my point of view, just change the JDBC-Pools and start with
empty tables should be enough.
I just ask to get a third person statement on this.



unless you have open conversation (processes), and you need to close them after, you need to copy the process tansaction related tables.

Otherwise, you can just create empty tables, repointing alias, restart IS, then regenerate processes (or copy process definition tables before start IS), it should work.