Database connectivity;manager sever

[SIZE=2]I have installed the webmethods a.Manager server
b.integration server
c.Broker and portal server
but When I try to reach to any of the pages in the Manager Admin Page I get the following error :
Database connection Isssue.Please Verify Manager JDBC Pool is configured and database connectivity is established”.

While installing I gave these details:
Pool name : Manager
pool Type :
Database Driver : DataDirectConnect JDBC Oracle Driver.
Database Url : Jdbc:wmoracle ://nt11570:1521;SID=nt11570
Database UserName :system
Database Password :userpasswd

jdbc pool settings in integration server admin are as follows:
Pool alias definations:manager:-
Asoociated driver alias:Dta direct connect JDBC Oracle driver
Database url :jdbc:wm:oracle://nt11570;SID=nt11570
minimum connections:5
maximum connections:60
Driver Alias defination:Driver class
If i try to test the Functional Alias definations like Manager serverstorage or Xref or Tn I will get a message:"test is Successfull"

is there anything else i have to configure…or test…



Shouldn’t that be “wm:oracle” instead of “wmoracle”?[/size]

Hi Yashu,

Did you did the solution to your problem because I am facing the same issue.

Did you get help on this? It sounds like you need to re-install (reconfigure actually) your Manager Server app by re-running the install script on your image. The JDBC pool was not configured correctly which will cause an inability to access the Broker/IS pages.