Database configuration for trading networks

Im a new user to this webMethods ,Im getting the following error while configuring the database for trading networks .Please help me to solve this.

  • Executing action
  • Action : create
  • Database : DB2 for Linux, Unix, Windows
  • Product : Trading Networks
  • Product version : Latest
  • URL : jdbc:wm:db2://;databaseName=itgdb
  • User : mssusr23

  • create Database Component: ComponentTracker CTR

  • Versions
  • Version: db2luw 25
  • Scripts create
  •   Script(1): C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/25/create/db2_webm_create_component_event.sql
  •   Script(2): C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/25/create/db2_ctr_c_ddl.sql
  •   Script(3): C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/migrate/20_to_25/db2_ctr_m_ccs_set_component_version_def.sql
  •   Script(4): C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/migrate/20_to_25/db2_ctr_m_ccs_set_component_version_exec.sql

  • Executing script : C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/25/create/db2_webm_create_component_event.sql
  • Executing script : C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/25/create/db2_ctr_c_ddl.sql
  • Executing script : C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/migrate/20_to_25/db2_ctr_m_ccs_set_component_version_def.sql
  • Executing script : C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/migrate/20_to_25/db2_ctr_m_ccs_set_component_version_exec.sql

Error in retrieving installed component version [sag-cjdbc42-0011][DB2 JDBC Driver][DB2]MSSUSR23.INSTALLED_COMPONENT IS AN UNDEFINED NAME

  • create Database Component: TradingNetworks TNS

  • Versions
  • Version: db2luw 37
  • Scripts create
  •   Script(1): C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/tradingnetworks/37/create/db2_tns_c_ddl.sql
  •   Script(2): C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/tradingnetworks/36/create/db2_tns_c_dml.sql
  •   Script(3): C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/tradingnetworks/37/create/db2_tns_c_dml_tracking.sql

  • Executing script : C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/tradingnetworks/37/create/db2_tns_c_ddl.sql

Error: [sag-cjdbc42-0011][DB2 JDBC Driver][DB2]WEBMDATA IS AN UNDEFINED NAME
Suspending execution…
CDC ERROR: java.sql.SQLException: [sag-cjdbc42-0011][DB2 JDBC Driver][DB2]WEBMDATA IS AN UNDEFINED NAME

          Summary of installation errors

Error in executing file C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/tradingnetworks/37/create/db2_tns_c_ddl.sql
SQL error [sag-cjdbc42-0011][DB2 JDBC Driver][DB2]WEBMDATA IS AN UNDEFINED NAME

      Database component configurator summary

Date : Thu Dec 10 15:42:48 IST 2015
Database : DB2 for Linux, Unix, Windows
User : mssusr23
Action : create

Following components could not be installed:

TradingNetworks 37

Hi Lavanya,

can you share the version of DB Configurator as well as the Fix-Level for DB-Configurator and DB-Scripts?

Do you have the possibiltity to access the DBA-User to create the tablespaces?
WEBMDATA is the name of one of the tablespaces DB-Configurator is using.


Thank you,but I have got error by configuring through the database component configuration.

Thank you , Iam using database configurator 8.2 version,and you please tell how can we know that we can create the table spaces.

Hi Lavanya,

there is an option in db configurator which allows creating the user and the tablespces in the DB.

For this you will need access to an (existing) account with admin rights (DBA).


Thank you Thomsen

Hello Thomson,
Iam getting the following error after creating the tablespace as follows:

Error in executing file C:\SoftwareAG82\common\db/scripts/db2/componenttracker/25/create/db2_webm_create_component_event.sql
SQL error [sag-cjdbc42-0011][DB2 JDBC Driver][DB2]Provided signature in the CREATE statement for user defined or stored procedure MSSUSR23.WEBM_CREATE_COMPONENT_EVENT matches the signature.

could you please solve this.
Thank you.

Lavanya – How you are installing the tables, the script which resulted to error is creating TN related tables ? I didn’t see such error so far.


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as I am usually using Oracle database for our application, I cannot assist in DB2 details here.

Please provide the exact version string of the DB-Configurators About-Dialog as well as the name of the jdbcreadme.txt file from the common/lib/ext/sl53_cj42.jar.
This can be extracted with any Jar- or Zip-Tool.

This will help to identify if you are missing a driver upgrade or another Update to DB-Configurator and/or DB-Scripts.


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Hello, The version of database is DatabaseConfigurator8.2 and the specified jar file is attached below.Please help me to solve this issue
jdbcreadme_42_0011.txt (31.6 KB)

Hi Lavanya,

the driver version looks fine.

But the DatabaseConfigurator should be more precise:

Unfortunately I do not have an 8.2 Environment available.

Maybe someone else might be able to assist you further.


Lavanya – can you tell me , db2_webm_create_component_event.sql script which component tables going to install ? Is this really required ?


Hello,Iam trying to install for the Trading Network component.yes it is required


yes this table is required for all database schema hosting parts of the webmethods components.

It is tracking the versions of installed, uninstalled and migrated database schema parts.

Additionally there is view to this table named installed_components only showing the latest version where the table itself keeps track of any changes.

It is part of the shared component componenttracker.
The mentioned script can be found under common\db\scripts\db2\componenttracker\25\create

I prefer installing Products where available before creating components as they have a reasonable combination of components needed for the product. And the components are created in the right order which avoids conflicts with missing db objects.


Thanks Holger for your details.

Lavanya – You can try to the sql statements manually which are part of “db2_webm_create_component_event.sql” script to make sure which sql statement is causing the issue and finding out alternatives to resolve the issue.