data transform

I am new face to webMethods.

I want use webMethods and SWIFT Fin module to implement the data transformation ( Xml to Swift format, Swift format to XML format). I have some question as following:

  1. Do I have to use TN ?
    Because the doc types used in SWIFT Fin module are Bizdoc, so I have to use TN . Is it right?

  2. If it is not necessary to use TN, please help me the solution

Thanks !

It is an urgent !

Hi luyan,

Can i know which Swift Fin module you are currently using and also the webMethods version?

Best Regards,
William Choong

Hi Luyan,

You can use either business process or Trading networks processing rule (in TN) to send and receive Swift Messages. You can refer to the documentaion of 6-1 Swift FIN module of page 43 (Chapter 4) for further details.

Best regards,
William Choong