Data Privacy Framework (DPF) Participants List

As everyone probably knows, in Europe it is important to conclude the right processing agreements with your software suppliers. Especially when they host your data in their cloud solutions. Data that can lead to undesirable situations in the wrong hands. This applies to our organization at least when we look at the deployment of our ARIS Connect platform.
Now ARIS’ solutions and the associated support for parts are running outside the European Economic Region. This means that you have to make extra agreements with your supplier from the GRPD. In this case, Software AG.
However, to avoid a lot of hassle, it is possible that Software AG ensures that they are on the data privacy framework participants list.
I am curious about whether there are already organizations that have contact with Software AG about this. Or who have already made individual additional agreements in this area with Software AG. So-called sub-processor agreements.

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