Data Extract to Flat File

Hi All,

I have a Service which extracts data.
I am trying to get this out in a pipe delimited file and have created a schema for this.

I am mapping the results output to the ffvalues input for (pub.flatFile:convertToString). I have passed the schema name to this service and the output file name.

Followed by Write to File.

It seems that I am missing something as empty file is created.


Hello !
I am also working for the extractin of data from oracle to flat file all is working fine except when i publish the documnet it gets published and the trigger s calling the subscribing service but the value of the published document is not carried upto the subscribed part when i map the published documnet to the schema ducument after publishing, he values are nothing, they are blank ispite that before publishing the result window showing the result records.

Thanks fro support.

In subcribe side, trigger invokes a service. The input of the service is publishable document. Make sure, you give the complete path of the document in the input, not just the name of the document…

like package.folder.subfolder:PurchaseOrder



Create a Dictionary which has all the required fields
Create a Schema with appropriate FFDefination
For Schema Default Record point to the Dictionary Created and the name.
Create a link in Schema which creates Document Type with Structure
Create Flow Service
Get Data
Map output to the Document Type that was created from schema
Input this and the schema name as input for convertToString
write to file with string mapping and provide filename

Use the Test tab in ff schema to test the help you to know if there is any issue in the schema.

What is the full form of BOD?