Customizing WebMethods Tasks Page

I would like to customize the tasks page in WebMethods Business Console by passing some value from the process and make that passed value one of the columns in the task list page along with task ID and make the task list sortable using the new column. Is this doable?


Which version is this for? In 9.12 release you should be able to add custom gadgets. This should allow you to mix processes and task related gadgets(OOB), or write custom gadgets.


Amit, thanks for the quick reply. I’m using version 9.12. I’m new to webMethods and I haven’t found any documentation regarding this. Could you please guide me how to get started? Thanks in advance.

The Gadget dev guide can be found at It talks of how to write custom gadgets. If you have applied the latest Business console fix on 9.12. Go to localhost:8585/appspaces.

I got it. Thanks!