customizing process instances view

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From the “Monitoring/Business/Process Instances” view of My webMethods application, is there any way to customize the list of processes to display according the user login.

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WM Version:

Users can do it as per their need. See attached screen. But you cannot do it for per user basis.


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I think Senthilkumar misunderstood the request.

If you want to restrict the type of processes per user this is done by DataLevelSecurity (DLS).

There is a CheckBox in the WmMonitor for configuring this feature.

Addtionally you will have to define additional roles/groups in MWS to which these users are assigned.
In these roles/groups you will have to specify the processes visible via DLS to these.
Additionally these roles/groups need access permission (under Permissions Management) to view the process monitoring pages.

Administrators should be granted “Access to all Processes”.


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Thanks very much to both of you.

Holger’s response is exactly what I needed.

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Do you happen to know whether and how this can be done programmatically, e.g. from within a portlet?