Customizing Generated Content in API Portal

Have two questions around customizing API Portal:
1). Is it possible to create a duplicate page of an existing page (API Gallery), to further customize the content differently for different set of Portal Users?
2). How to customize the generated content, to selectively display on the page? For example: in API Details page, following <div> inserts generated content from the component. Is there a way to tailor what to be generated?
<div id="detailResources" data-api-composite="restResources"></div>


Hi Venkat,
Please find my answers,

  1. It is not possible to create new page (API Gallery) also, any API portal customization will be visible to all users.
  2. Can you please elaborate a little more, for example the use case that you would want to achieve?


Thanks Prabaa.

Basically, I’m trying to create different views based on different users. For example:
1). For business & non-technical users, I like to display business related information without any technical terms and actual APIs etc. on API Gallery page. Similarly, API Details page would only show different actions (resource methods) without any further technical info.
2). Also within different Developers, I’m trying to limit the level of details on API Detail page based on the user group. For some, I like to list only GET methods and for others all methods.

Hope that clarifies.

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