Custom Script and FireFox


I have a custom script in my portlet for an event onValueChange. It’s working in IE 8 but not in FireFox 19.0. Any idea ?

Please provide more information. The explanation of the problem is too generic for analysis.

I checked with the debugger and here more details. I have 2 dropdown. Each dropdown contain an option group that contain for value a server side method. When the value change in the first dropdown I want to update the second dropdown with the new values based on the value of the first dropdown. I put a custom script with these parameters: for = first dropdown id, event = onValueChange and code = var name = CAF.model(’#{activePageBean.clientIds[‘SecondDropdown’]}’);

The script code is called each time the value change in the first dropdown. In IE the server side method for the option group of the second dropdown is called but not in Firefox.

Ok, I believe that is a known issue that has already been fixed for the upcoming 9.x version of CAF. There was likely a script error in the browser when it was attempting to draw the progress message for the async refresh action.

To workaround the bug in the previous CAF versions, instead of refreshing dropdown 2 directly, try refreshing a panel containing dropdown 2 (for example, try placing dropdown 2 in an
InlinePanel, and refreshing the InlinePanel).

Thanks Eric. It fixed my problem.