custom Operation - input Field Type


I am developping a custom adapter in which I would like to be able to set in the input tab an array of bytes :
we would enter in the Options tab ${myArray} and in the input_field_names would appear
Type: byte[]
Name: myArray

I have only managed to get “Type: unicode string”

Same for the output_field_names, I need to output a byte[].

At the moment, my code looks like this:

createGroup(“params”, new String[]

setNamespace(“myOutput”, OUTPUT_FIELD_NAMES, null);

…scriptInvoke(…) {
byte[] INput = getMyArray();
setEventField(brokerevent, getMyOutput(), INput, null); // this does not work… how do I set anything different from a String here ?

public byte[] getMyArray() {…}
public void setMyArray(byte[] b) {…}

public byte[] getMyOutput() {…}
public void setMyOutput(byte[] b) {…}

in advance, thank you very much,


Send me your email address. It’s easier for me to send you some of my adapter code than it is to explain it. And IMO, namespaces are about as simple quantum physics!

as simple AS quantum physics!

many thanks

Cedric Hamelin