Custom HTTP 200 response

is there a way to customize the HTTP 200 response that TN sends back to a client that does an HTTPS POST to the service?

we have a PeopleSoft server posting into it, and it expects a cXML/Response type response from our webmethods server. I have an example of the XML response message they want to see, but how do I make that go back by default with the HTTP 200 message?


You should have an intermediate service posted to and have that service relay the call to service. There are many posts on this. I would search for the service call. Good day.

Yemi Bedu

Sorry, I should have specified that I’ve already made an intermediate service. what I’d like to find out is how I can customize the HTTP response of that intermediate service. I don’t imagine it is as simple as putting variables on the service output…?

Should be able to use pub.flow:setResponse.

thanks Rob.

related question:

on the gateway service, I’ve allowed it on our 443 port, and have set the Execute ACL to “Anonymous” because their PeopleSoft server does not send HTTP authorization in the standard way that webmethods IS accepts.

in any case, they can hit the service, and the XML doc is sent to TN, which recognizes the Document Type, the Sender, and the Receiver correctly.

however, it aborts processing of the document with this message:

“The user that posted this document (Default) could not be associated with a partner to check their identity.”

is there some way I can have the gateway service execute as a specific user? namely, their username so TN will associate it with their Partner ID?

thanks again!

Are you using receive or routeXml? The latter doesn’t check identity IIRC.

thanks again Rob. you remembered correctly, when it went thru routeXml, TradingNetworks allowed it to process from Default user.