Customized HTTP Response in IS 4.6

I’m integrating with a new customer that uses “Enterprise Buyer Professional” application from SAP. They will be sending raw xCBL orders and require a special message acknowlegment back (It is a synchronous response, part of the same connection as the received HTTP Request). The acknowledgement is not a xCBL document.

Anyway, creating the body of the XML acknowledgment is no problem. But I am also required to include some customized headers in the response and I’m not sure how I can create these with webMethods. Below is what I need to return.

POST /servlet/XMLChannelServlet HTTP/1.0
Authorization: Basic username:pass
Content-type: text/xml
Content-length: {length of the message excluding header}

Any ideas? I’m currently doing one customization of the HTTP Response by getting the HttpResponseHeader and setting the “setResponse” method to what I want. But I’m not sure what all the various Header methods are so I’m not sure if there are methods I could use to customize the header I need.

HttpHeader header = Service.getHttpResponseHeader(null);
if (header != null)
header.setResponse(code, msg);


SAP EBP use a propietary CommerceOne envelope format when sending XML document and recovering the HTTP response.

You shoud use Webmethod C1Onramp adapter to manage this propietary transport format.



My customer is going to be sending me the raw xCBL data. They will not be sending it in a MML encrypted envelope like C1 does, so I will not be using the C1 OnRamp package for it.