Custom EDITPA not being recognized

Hi WmUsers,

I have to branch on a value defined in the group level segment, so created new custom TPA with splitOption ‘Group’, selected appropriate ‘Sender’ and ‘Receiver’ (all other attributes as defined in the default EDITPA). TPA is in Agreed status. Submitted a document to TN. I see 3 transactions in the log (X12 4010 XXX, X12 Group, X12 Envelope).
Checked ‘Activity log’ of X12 4010 XXX and found message “Document processed using EDITPA for Sender:Unknown , Receiver:Unknown”.

Not sure why the custom TPA created is not being recognized and used. If recognized, I expect only 2 transactions (X12 Group, X12 Envelope but not X12 4010 XXX). Also it should have recognized the Sender and Receiver.


While creating TPA I set the AgreementID to ‘EDITPA_custom’.
I modified it to ‘EDITPA’ and now TN recognizes and processes my document at group level.
Should this AgreementID always be ‘EDITPA’ while processing EDI?


Hi Suresh,

Yes, the TPA ID must always be EDITPA when processing EDI.


Thanks for the clarification.

You’re welcome.